Bill Hogue

written by Matthew Reed

Bill Hogue is arguably the most famous of the TRS‑80 game programmers. The games he wrote for Big Five Software, the company he established with Jeff Konyu, rank among the best ever created for the TRS‑80.

After writing Defense Command, his final game for the TRS‑80, he shifted his programming focus to the Atari. In 1982, he released the very influential Miner 2049er. It was the first game to be widely cross-licensed. There was a version available for almost every platform at the time (except, sadly, the TRS‑80). In more recent years, there have been ports for the GameBoy, Blackberry, and various cell phones. Miner 2049er was voted the 1984 Electronic Game of the Year (beating out Donkey Kong). In 1985, he released Bounty Bob Strikes Back!, a sequel to Miner 2049er.

See Bill Hogue’s Miner 2049er history page for more details.

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