Yves Lempereur

written by Matthew Reed

Yves Lempereur wrote nine games for the TRS-80, and the five he wrote for Funsoft are his most famous. His games are of very high quality, with a great visual style, and are among the best ever written for the TRS-80.

  • The Black Hole (Funsoft)
  • Limit Zero (Micro 2000)
  • Alien Eggs(Micro 2000)
  • Bable Terror (Funsoft)
  • Apple Panic (Funsoft)
  • Mad Mines (Funsoft)
  • Time Runner (Funsoft)

In addition to his TRS-80 games, he also wrote games for the Atari (including a version of Time Runner). For the Macintosh, he wrote MacASM, the first Macintosh Editor/Assembler, and the BinHex utility, the most popular way for Macintosh users to exchange files on CompuServe and later the Internet.

You can find out more by visiting Yves Lempereur’s Web Page.

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