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Advertisement for Weerd published in 80 Micro

The first advertisement in 80 Micro

Title: Weerd
Author: Arthur Gleckler
Publisher: Big Five Software
Released: 1982
Compatibility: Model I and III, disk and tape
Sound: Yes
Voice: Yes
Joystick: Yes

Weerd was written by Arthur Gleckler and released in 1982. It was the final TRS‑80 game released by Big Five, and only the second one not written by Bill Hogue. Weerd was released near the very end of the TRS‑80 game market.

The goal in Weerd is to destroy the attacking aliens. The controls are pretty standard: LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW to move and SPACEBAR to fire. But there are two additional controls: S to activate shields and SHIFT to move quickly. The shields are three barriers that stop shots from hitting you, but also stop you from shooting through them. Most aliens won’t pass through the shields, while others move through without any problems.

Title screen for Weerd

Title screen
Instructions screen for Weerd


Weerd supports a joystick. Moving left and right works as you would expect, but the shields are activated by moving the joystick down. You can move quickly by moving the joystick up and either left or right.

The disk version of Weerd features voices. The speech ranges from “Oh no!” when your ship is destroyed, to “All right, yeah!” when you achieve a high score.
But probably the most memorable sound effect in Weerd is the long explosion after your ship is destroyed.

Gameplay in Weerd

Shields activated in Weerd

With shields activated
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