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The Model I Printer Interface Cable

One of the limitations of the cassette-based TRS‑80 Model I was that it had no printer port. There were many cassette programs designed to use a printer, such as Electric Pencil and Scripsit, but no simple way to add one. Only a few Radio Shack printers were designed to connect to a cassette-based Model I directly.

The usual approach to adding a printer was to buy a Radio Shack Expansion Interface.

The TRS‑80 Screen Printer

The TRS‑80 Screen Printer (catalog number 26-1151) was the first printer Radio Shack sold for the TRS‑80 Model I. It was introduced in March 1978 for $599.00. As the name suggested, the Screen Printer could print only one thing: the contents of the TRS‑80 screen.

The Screen Printer was a very compact unit, not much larger than the four-inch wide “electrosensitive paper” that it printed on. It had a “PRINT command switch” on the front of the unit.

The TRS‑80 Multi-Pen Plotter

The TRS‑80 Multi-Pen Plotter (catalog number 26-1191) was similar to the earlier TRS‑80 Plotter/Printer (catalog number 26-1190), but offered one important new feature: the ability to print in color. Described as an “intelligent plotter,” the Multi-Pen Plotter used replaceable colored pens to print on paper or transparencies. Even at a price of $1995.00, the Multi-Pen Plotter was cheaper than many other color output alternatives available at the time.

The TRS‑80 Quick Printer

The TRS‑80 Quick Printer (catalog number 26-1153) was an early TRS‑80 printer sold by Radio Shack. Introduced in 1978 for a price of $499.00, the Quick Printer was actually a rebranded Centronics Microprinter P1.

Unlike the more common dot-matrix or daisy-wheel printers (such as the TRS‑80 Line Printer or the Daisy Wheel Printer II), the Quick Printer was an “electrostatic” printer that required special aluminum-coated paper. Radio Shack sold a package of three rolls of the 4.

The Daisy Wheel Printer II

The Daisy Wheel Printer II (catalog number 26-1158), more commonly known as the Daisy Wheel II, DW II, or DWP II, was the highest quality TRS‑80 printer that Radio Shack sold. It was introduced in 1980 for a price of $1960.00, although that was later raised to $1995.00. Radio Shack featured the Daisy Wheel II in their catalog from 1981 to 1984 as their “best high-speed, formed-character printer.