Alpha Joystick

written by Matthew Reed

An advertisement for the Alpha Joystick published in 80 Microcomputing

Alpha Products advertisement from the October 1981 issue of 80 Microcomputing

In October 1981, Alpha Products created a new version of their joystick which included a mode switch to allow a choice between the STICK-80 and TRISSTICK FIRE button behavior. The advertisements from then on referred to the joystick as the Alpha Joystick, and the price remained at $39.95.

In January 1981, the first advertisement for the Model III Alpha Joystick appeared. This version originally cost $49.95, ten dollars more than the Model I version. The advertisement seems to indicate that the Model III version didn’t include a mode switch. By May 1982, the price of the Model III Alpha Joystick had dropped to match the Model I joystick at $39.95.

After running a several month sale, in December 1984 the price for both Model I and III versions dropped to $27.95. They continued at that price until the joysticks disappeared from Alpha Products advertisements after November 1985.

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