Alpha Products

written by Matthew Reed

Alpha Products produced many hardware products for the TRS‑80, including the Green Screen, the Interfacer-80, the Analog-80, the Newclock-80, the A-Bus, and the VS-100 voice synthesizer. They also created the STICK-80, a joystick supported by almost all TRS‑80 games.

Although primarily a hardware company, Alpha Products was also a prominent reseller of games from other companies, including Big Five Software, Adventure International, Soft Sector Marketing, and the Cornsoft Group. At the height of the TRS‑80 game market, they bought monthly multi-page advertisements in 80 Microcomputing.

The owner of Alpha Products, John Monin, sold the company in 1989. Alpha Products stayed in operation until around 1998, late enough to have a webpage. In its final years, Alpha Products expanded into many different product lines, but continued selling some of their older products, including the A-Bus.

Two-page advertisement published in 80 Micro for arcade games sold by Alpha Products

A two-page Alpha Products advertisement from November 1982

If you are curious, the games in the above advertisement are grouped into three categories:

  • A: $15.95 for tape, $19.95 for disk
  • B: $19.95 for tape, $24.95 for disk
  • C: $24.95 for tape, $24.95 for disk

Most of the games are in category A, one game (Penetrator) is in category C, and the rest are in category B. The discount was 10% if you bought two games, 15% if you bought three games, and 20% if you bought four games. The shipping and handling charge was $2.00 per order.

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