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written by Matthew Reed

The Cassette Gazette was a 1983 one issue advertising newsletter that was a joint production of Lemons Tech and KWIK Software. The Gazette described the products sold by the two companies, mixed in with operational advice and interesting facts about using cassettes with your TRS-80. It appears to have been written by Wayne Lemons, the founder of Lemons Tech. The Gazette is reproduced here page by page with permission from Wayne Lemons' family.

The Plum

Actual size of PLUM is 3 x 2 x 1. Takes about 20 seconds to install. No rewiring. No soldering. Just plug between computer cable and CTR as shown and it’s ready to go. SYSTEMs or CLOADs commercial or self-saved tapes without volume juggling. Push-button advances tape in PLAY or RECORD without plug pulling. Built-in audio for easy finding of programs and for hearing the ‘action' from the tape. No dangling line cords. Automatic on-off ensures long, long battery life. Snap-in replacement is standard AA cell. Comes with battery installed and ready to use. Order now.


Economy Loader for TRS-80 using CTR-80 or CTR-80A

No bells or whistles, but cleans up the signal for both regular and KWIK loading. Sometimes not as convenient to use as other loaders, since for some pre-recorded tapes the computer plug must be moved to another output plug on the loader.


Excellent loader for Model I when using a CTR80 or CTR80A recorder. It has a “load-mode” switch for selecting correct output for easy loading of both self-saved and pre-recorded tapes. Built-in audio monitoring lets you hear save/load “action” plus makes it a snap to locate the beginning of programs. Eliminates CTR volume juggling and erratic tape loading of the TRS-80 Model I or Model III low speed. Has bypass switch for Model III high speed loading. Signal-powered. No power supply needed. Install in 15 seconds. Use with CTR80 or 80A recorders, without modifications, but may be used with CTR41 or CCR81 by making simple solder-in modification to recorder. Instructions and parts included free on request with order.


(TRS-80 Model III): Use KLOAN to make 1500 baud copies of your original 500 baud SCRIPSIT… then ‘text' also saves and loads at 1500 baud.


Almost all portable audio cassette recorders use ‘Automatic Level Control' in RECORD… the volume control has no effect on the recording level.


(TRS-80 Model I): A 6x ‘KWINKed' copy of SCRIPSIT loads back in for use in 43 seconds, cold turkey.


This new PLUM loader/motor controller, our most sensitive loader was designed to operate with most Radio Shack and other recorders without modifications to the CTR. Loader is compatible with Model I, Model III, 4, 100 at all baud rates as well as with KWIK high speed software. Instructions are included for making CTR-to-CTR program copies as well.


  • Works with most any cassette recorder with no modifications to either the PLUM or to the CTR.
  • Loads SYSTEM or BASIC programs. Reliable, consistent loading of either self-saved or commercial programs with no CTR volume juggling.
  • Compatible with all cassette-based TRS-80 computers all baud rates, plus flawlessly loads KWIK high speed programs as well.
  • No Line cord. Automatic on-off. Internal standard 50-cent battery lasts for months.
  • 20-second plug-in installation. No soldering. No rewiring. No modifications to any equipment.
  • Pushbutton motor control lets you advance tape in either the PLAY or RECORD modes. Excellent for advancing to beginning of a program and for putting silent ‘marker' gaps between programs you save. LED ‘ready' lamp.
  • Automatic audio monitor built in. Lets you hear save/load action or easily find where programs begin or end. Most folks feel audio monitoring is a big boon to tapists. If your spouse is sleeping nearby, however, it may be muted.
  • Money back guarantee of satisfaction. Sealed loader module guaranteed for life.


The CTR ‘erases' your tape more than one-half second (1 inch) AHEAD of where it is recording.

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