Is the correct name Model 3 or Model III?

written by Matthew Reed

Model III was the official name, although 3 and III were and are used interchangeably by many people.

The Model I, II, and III were the only three TRS‑80 computers to be identified with Roman numerals in the Radio Shack catalogs. Although some pre-release information identified the “Model IV,” the Radio Shack catalogs always used “Model 4.” All future computer models used ordinary numbers.

Presumably, the ever increasing model numbers put a stop to the Roman numeral notation. Thankfully, this spared us the Model II/XII/XVI/VM (2/12/16/6000) business computers and the Model C/CII/CC/DC (100/102/200/600) portables.

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David Sutherland says:

I’ve often wondered this!

Why do people still say “Model 1” then? I guess I should start using “Model I”

Model III makes sense… and I’ve thought about the question several times… III vs. 3.

John_L says:

Actually, the “Model I” wasn’t named with a Roman numeral. The Model II was the first. The “Model I” was technically just the “TRS‑80 Microcomputer”. After the Model II came out, people started to refer to the TRS‑80 as the “Model I”, even Radio Shack eventually was referring to it as the Model I, and parts were identified as such as well. (i.e. Model I printer cable). However, Officially the computer itself was always just the TRS‑80 Microcomputer.