Wayne Green (1922-2013)

written by Matthew Reed

Wayne Green

Wayne Green from the first issue of 80 Microcomputing

I was saddened to learn that Wayne Green died on September 13, 2013. Longtime TRS‑80 enthusiasts will remember Wayne Green as the founder and publisher of 80 Micro, the most famous and best remembered TRS‑80 magazine.

Wayne Green had a long history in publishing. He began his first newsletter, Amateur Radio Frontiers, in 1951, reflecting his lifelong interest in amateur radio (his callsign was W2NSD). He became editor of CQ, an amateur radio magazine, in 1955. He started his own amateur radio magazine, 73 (also called 73 Amateur Radio Today), in 1960. 73 was his longest running magazine, continuing until 2003.

In 1975, Wayne Green started BYTE, one of the first general computer magazines. After losing control of BYTE, he started Kilobaud Microcomputing, another general computer magazine, in 1977.

One hallmark of Wayne Green’s magazines was their reliance on user submitted articles. After the introduction of the TRS‑80, Kilobaud Microcomputing became filled with TRS‑80 articles. This gave Wayne Green the idea in 1980 to spin off those articles into 80 Microcomputing, a TRS‑80 specific magazine. 80 Microcomputing (later 80 Micro) was hugely successful, at one point becoming the third-largest magazine in the country. It was also the first major brand-specific computer magazine and influenced the rest of the computer magazine market. Wayne Green created other brand-specific computer magazines, most notably inCider (for the Apple II).

Wayne Green put his own stamp and personality into each of his magazines. He wrote numerous editorial columns, for example “Never Say Die” (reflecting his callsign) in 73 and “Remarks” in 80 Micro. He had strong opinions on many topics, but his editorials were always entertaining to read.

Wayne Greene sold all his computer magazines in mid-1983. Although 80 Micro continued for five more years, most readers regarded the sale as the end of the “classic” period of 80 Micro. I think everyone agrees that Wayne Green was one of the most influential people in the TRS‑80 world.

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