Model I TRSDOS Commands

written by Matthew Reed

The Model I TRSDOS command shell supported a number of internal commands, as documented by the TRSDOS 2.3 Reference Manual. Most of the commands were also supported by other TRS-80 operating systems, although they usually added extra features beyond the TRSDOS versions.

Command Description
APPEND file1 file2 copy file1 at the end of file2
AUTO command execute command upon startup
ATTRIB filespec (param) set protection attributes
BASIC start Disk BASIC
BASIC2 start Level II BASIC (non-disk)
BASICR start enhanced BASIC (which includes NAME command)
CLOCK show onscreen clock
COPY file1 file2 copy file1 to file2
DEBUG real-time debugging program
DEVICE display I/O devices
DIR display directory
DUMP dump memory to disk
KILL filespec delete a file
FREE display free space on all drives
LIB display library commands
LIST filespec list text file contents to display
LOAD filespec load machine language file
PRINT filespec print text file to line printer
PROT change the protection status of all non-system files on the selected drive
RENAME rename a file
TIME set real-time clock
TRACE dynamically display program counter
VERIFY turn disk verification on or off

Additional Utilities

These utilities were not built into TRSDOS, but were available as separate programs on the TRSDOS disk. Other TRS-80 operating systems featured greatly enhanced versions of these utilities.

Command Description
BACKUP duplicate a disk
FORMAT format a disk

Auxiliary utilities

These extra utilities were specific to TRSDOS, although other TRS-80 operating systems included programs with similar functions.

Command Description
TAPEDISK copy tape files to a disk file
DISKDUMP/BAS examine disk file
GETDISK/BAS copy any tape file to disk
GETTAPE/BAS copy any disk file to tape

System Checkout Utilities

These utilities were specific to Model I TRSDOS. They were of limited value.

Command Description
TEST1 memory tester
TEST2/BAS stress test for disk system