The TRS-80 on Computer Chronicles

written by Matthew Reed

Stewart Cheifet on the Computer Chronicles

Stewart Cheifet with his Model I

Computer Chronicles was a television show about computers which aired from 1982 to 2002 on PBS stations in the United States. Back in 1991, Computer Chronicles devoted an episode to Radio Shack computers. Tandy was still manufacturing computers at the time, and most of the show was about their current computers.

But at the start of the show, Stewart Cheifet, the long-time host of Computer Chronicles, showed off his first computer: a Model I that he bought in 1978. He pointed out the various parts of the Model I and showed how a program tape loaded. He then demonstrated the Leo Christopherson program Dancing Demon, or as he put it: “multimedia in the 1970’s”

Also in the show was a longer segment about the Color Computer. If you’re interested, you can watch the episode or many other episodes as part of the Computer Chronicles collection at It’s interesting to see the TRS-80 as featured on a nationally broadcast program.

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