written by Matthew Reed

Opening screen of TRS-Opera

Opening screen of TRS-Opera

TRS-Opera, written by Richard Taylor, was an early TRS-80 music program. It was distributed by Acorn Software and sold for $9.95.

TRS-Opera is a BASIC program with an embedded machine language sound routine. The sound routine plays notes through the TRS-80 cassette port very rapidly, simulating more than one note at a time. The “opera” part of the name derives from the choice of music included with the program:

  1. “William Tell Overture” from Guillaume Tell (William Tell) by Gioachino Rossini
  2. “Sempre Libera” from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi
  3. “Quando me’n vò” (“Musetta’s Waltz”) from La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini
  4. “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” (“Queen of the Night Aria”) from Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  5. “La donna è mobile” from Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi

Quite an impressive list of songs for a program that fit in 16K!

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