TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented

written by Matthew Reed

Title:TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented
Author:Jack Decker
Publisher:The Alternate Source
Publication date:1983
TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented by Jack Decker

Understanding how to use TRS-80 ROM routines was very important for any TRS-80 Model I or III programmer, and there were many books written about that subject. TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented by Jack Decker was considered to be one of the best. Jack Decker wrote many articles for The Alternate Source, including a series named “TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented,” which served as the basis for this book.

The bulk of TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented is composed of five chapters detailing various portion of the TRS-80 ROM:

  1. Input and Output
  2. Arithmetic Routines
  3. Strings and String-Handling Routines
  4. Miscellaneous ROM Routines
  5. Reserved RAM Locations

In addition, there are eight appendices about various TRS-80 topics:

  1. Model I & III ROM BASIC Compared
  2. ROM Differences Between the Model III and 4
  3. Model I ROM Changes
  4. TRS-80 vs. PMC-80/Video Genie/System 80/TRZ-80
  5. Relocatable Program Sample
  6. Improved Ampersand Function
  7. Line Input Routines for Level II BASIC
  8. BASIC Tokens and Entry Points

There is also a preface by Dave McGlumphy and an afterword by Charley Butler (publisher of The Alternate Source).

Much of the information in TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented, such as the descriptions of the TRS-80 ROM differences, was never published anywhere else. I think that one of advertisements from The Alternate Source gave an excellent description:

This book is more than just a disassembly. Jack gives you a good education. He goes beyond one-line comments and gives you the “big picture.” He shows you the background and the whys and wherefores of the ROM subroutines. He offers tips and suggestions, and he warns you of the pitfalls that can drive you bonkers when you use a subroutine knowing only enough to be dangerous.

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