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The Assembly Line

“The Assembly Line” was a column about assembly language programming which first appeared in the April 1980 issue of 80 Microcomputing. It was written by William Barden, well known for his books about assembly language such as the Z80 Microcomputer Handbook, TRS‑80 Assembly Language Programming, and Programming Techniques for Level II BASIC.

TRS‑80 Assembly Language Programming

At one time in the TRS‑80 world, the name William Barden was linked to assembly language programming. This book was one of the main reasons why. TRS‑80 Assembly Language Programming, along with Programming the Z80 by Rodney Zaks, helped introduce a whole generation of TRS‑80 programmers to assembly language.

Computer User

Computer User was a short-lived TRS‑80 magazine created by the publishers of Interface Age, a popular computer magazine that began in 1976.

Unlike many other TRS‑80 magazines, Computer User was a professional, glossy publication from its first issue in November 1983. It was heavily promoted, with promotional copies of the premiere issue sent to subscribers of competing magazines.

TRS‑80 Microcomputer News

The TRS‑80 Microcomputer News was Radio Shack’s own official publication supporting the TRS‑80, sent for free to anyone who bought a TRS‑80 computer. The motto described it as “The microcomputer newsletter published for TRS‑80 owners”.

Originally called the Radio Shack Microcomputer Newsletter, the first issue, published in 1977, was four pages long.