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The Color-Graf

The Color-Graf was a color graphics interface for the TRS‑80 Model I and Model III. Sold by Solectronics, the Color-Graf originally cost $260 for the Model I version. That price was later reduced to $195 for the Model I version and $235 for the new Model III version. Solectronics advertised the Color-Graf from 1982 to 1983.

The Mikrokolor Color Graphics Interface

The Mikrokolor was a color graphics interface for the TRS‑80 Model 100 that was sold by Andreasen’s Electronics Research & Development, Inc. The Mikrokolor hardware was designed by Paul Andreasen, the digital interface and graphics routines created by James Cole, and the software written by Andrew Baird. Andreasen’s Electronics Research & Development also sold versions of the Mikrokolor for the Model I, III, 4, and 12 and also the S-100 bus and the Apple II. There was also a $54.


Probably the most popular of the TRS‑80 Model I and III color add-ons was the CHROMAtrs, introduced by South Shore Computer Concepts starting in 1982. It was available in several configurations:

a kit without case or power supply cost $99.00

a kit with case and power supply cost $129.00

a fully-assembled and tested unit cost $169.00

Each CHROMAtrs unit supported both the Model I or Model III and would work with either computer using the proper cable.