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There were many unofficial adaptations of the Atari arcade game Asteroids written for the TRS‑80. Super Nova from Big Five Software and Planetoids from Adventure International were considered among the best.

Bounceoids (not “Bounceroids” as some sources state) was an Asteroids-inspired game written by Robert Pappas (author of Frogger and Crazy Painter) and sold by the Cornsoft Group.

Crazy Painter

Crazy Painter qualifies as one of the few completely unique TRS‑80 games. It was written by Robert Pappas, author of the TRS‑80 games Frogger and Bounceoids. Crazy Painter was released by the Cornsoft Group in 1982. In addition to the TRS‑80 version, the Cornsoft Group also released a version of Crazy Painter in 1983, written by Charles Guy, for the TRS‑80 Color Computer. But there was no connection to the 1983 BBC Micro game named Crazy Painter, which was sold by Superior Software.


Although there were many Frogger adaptations for the TRS‑80, this Cornsoft Group version was licensed by Sega and was the "official" Frogger. The premise of Frogger is simple. The goal is to guide as many frogs as possible back to their homes, crossing a busy road and dangerous river in the process.

The TRS‑80 version of Frogger offers the choice of five difficulty levels and an option to play background music.