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TRS-Opera, written by Richard Taylor, was an early TRS‑80 music program. It was distributed by Acorn Software and sold for $9.95.

TRS-Opera is a BASIC program with an embedded machine language sound routine. The sound routine plays notes through the TRS‑80 cassette port very rapidly, simulating more than one note at a time.


CompuServe was the most famous of the early online services and the one with closest ties to the TRS‑80. It actually started in 1969 as a timesharing system, renting mainframe computer time to businesses over phone lines. However, what most people remember as CompuServe dates to August 1979, launched as an online service for microcomputer users named MicroNET.

MicroNET opened the CompuServe network, normally reserved for businesses, to consumers with a telephone modem.