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The LNW Team

The LNW Team was an intriguing idea for a computer to bridge the TRS‑80 and MS-DOS worlds. It was sold by LNW Computers, the company responsible for the LNW System Expansion, the LNW80, and the LNW80 Model 2.

The computer appears to have been the same externally as the LNW80 Model 2, although the standard memory was increased to 160K and the clock speed increased to 5.3 MHz. What really set the LNW Team apart was the optional 8088 board.

The LNW80 Model 2

The LNW80 Model 2, sometimes referred to as the LNW80/2, was a TRS‑80 compatible computer sold by LNW Computers (formerly LNW Research Corporation). Introduced in late 1982 for a price of $2695, the LNW80 Model 2 was an upgrade to the original LNW80. The LNW80 Model 2 provided nearly complete compatibility with the TRS‑80 Model I but added many new features and enhancements.

The LNW80

The LNW80, sometimes referred to as the LNW80 Model 1, was the first in a line of TRS‑80 compatible computers sold by LNW Research Corporation (later known as LNW Computers). It was probably the most successful TRS‑80 compatible sold in the United States. LNW Research had already created the LNW System Expansion, a replacement for the Radio Shack Expansion Interface, so the LNW80 was in many ways a natural next step.

When the LNW80 was introduced in 1980 it was originally sold as a $89.