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Why was the Model I discontinued?

The TRS‑80 Model I (originally known as the TRS‑80 Microcomputer System) was introduced by Radio Shack on August 3, 1977. It was one of the first mass-marketed, fully-assembled microcomputers and quickly became the best-selling personal computer.

Yet despite continued demand, Radio Shack discontinued the Model I on January 1, 1981, slightly less than three and a half years after it was first introduced.

Was the Model III created to replace the Model I?

The TRS‑80 Model III, introduced in August 1980, is often described as a replacement for the TRS‑80 Model I, introduced in August 1977. Considering that the Model I was discontinued just six months later due to its failure to meet new FCC regulations, it is easy to assume that the Model III was always intended to replace the Model I.

But Radio Shack showed no sign of any plans to discontinue the Model I after the introduction of the Model III.