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TRS‑80 ROM Routines Documented

Understanding how to use TRS‑80 ROM routines was very important for any TRS‑80 Model I or III programmer, and there were many books written about that subject. TRS‑80 ROM Routines Documented by Jack Decker was considered to be one of the best. Jack Decker wrote many articles for The Alternate Source, including a series named “TRS‑80 ROM Routines Documented,” which served as the basis for this book.

The Alternate Source

The Alternate Source, also known as The Alternate Source Programmer’s Journal or TAS, was a well-remembered and very technical TRS‑80 publication. Later billed as “The magazine of advanced applications and software for the TRS‑80,” the first issue was published by Joni Kosloski and Charley Butler in January 1980. It was published once every two months for a total of six issues a year.

The concept behind The Alternate Source originated in October 1979.