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Percom Data Company

Percom Data is one of the best remembered TRS‑80 hardware companies. Percom Data and its founder Harold Mauch were responsible for many of the most important TRS‑80 hardware products, including the Percom Separator and the Percom Doubler.

Percom had its origins in a symposium sponsored by BYTE magazine in November 1975. That event, held in Kansas City, Missouri, was about the “interchange of data on inexpensive consumer quality audio cassette drives.”

The Percom PHD

The Percom PHD was a line of 5¼″ Winchester hard drives sold by Percom Data for the TRS‑80 Model III, as well as several other computers. Introduced by Percom in 1982, the PHD used what was described as a “smart microprocessor-based drive controller” to allow up to four PHD drives to be connected to the Model III at one time. The Model III version also worked with the Model 4, but Percom never sold a version for the Model I.