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Ask Tandy

Ask Tandy” was a column that appeared in from the November 1984 to the September 1985 issues. It was described as “a column in which the Tandy people in Ft. Worth answer your questions about their products and services.””

The Daisy Wheel Printer II

The Daisy Wheel Printer II (catalog number 26-1158), more commonly known as the Daisy Wheel II, DW II, or DWP II, was the highest quality TRS‑80 printer that Radio Shack sold. It was introduced in 1980 for a price of $1960.00, although that was later raised to $1995.00. Radio Shack featured the Daisy Wheel II in their catalog from 1981 to 1984 as their “best high-speed, formed-character printer.

80-U.S. Journal

80-U.S. Journal was the best remembered name for a TRS‑80 magazine that was published by 80-Northwest Publishing from 1978 to 1984. It was also published under the names 80-Northwest Journal and Basic Computing. Until 1982, it was published bimonthly (six issues a year) but it increased to monthly (twelve issues a year) after that.
80-Northwest Journal (sometimes called 80-NW Journal) was first published in 1978 with the September/October issue.

Was the Model III created to replace the Model I?

The TRS‑80 Model III, introduced in August 1980, is often described as a replacement for the TRS‑80 Model I, introduced in August 1977. Considering that the Model I was discontinued just six months later due to its failure to meet new FCC regulations, it is easy to assume that the Model III was always intended to replace the Model I.

But Radio Shack showed no sign of any plans to discontinue the Model I after the introduction of the Model III.

TRS‑80 Microcomputer News

The TRS‑80 Microcomputer News was Radio Shack’s own official publication supporting the TRS‑80, sent for free to anyone who bought a TRS‑80 computer. The motto described it as “The microcomputer newsletter published for TRS‑80 owners”.

Originally called the Radio Shack Microcomputer Newsletter, the first issue, published in 1977, was four pages long.