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ED-IT for the Model 4

ED-IT for the Model 4 is a very powerful text editor for the TRS‑80 Model 4. It was written by Mark Reed and was first released on June 17, 1991. ED-IT cost $17.95 and was distributed by Computer News 80 of Casper, Wyoming.

There were many capable editors for the Model 4. Most Z80 assembler packages included their own editors (ALEDIT in ALDS and SAID in MRAS were notable examples). The LS‑DOS 6.3 operating system even included a simple text editor named TED/CMD.

The File Cabinet

The File Cabinet was the largest collection of TRS‑80 public domain and shareware software ever assembled. At its height, it was described as offering “15,000 programs for the Model I/III/4/4P/4D.”


MULTIDOS was one of the major TRS‑80 operating systems, described in advertisements as “the most compatible, user friendly operating system on the market.” It was written by Vernon Hester, the author of ULTRADOS, and was in some ways a continuation of that operating system. MULTIDOS was the least expensive TRS‑80 operating system and also the one with the most recent update (MULTIDOS 5.1 in 2005).

The Model 4 Grafyx Solution

The Model 4 Grafyx Solution was the most popular high-resolution add-on for the TRS‑80 Model 4, and probably the most popular Model 4 add-on in general. It was introduced in 1984 for a price of $199.95 by Micro-Labs, creators of the earlier Model III Grafyx Solution. The Model 4 Grafyx Solution provided true high-resolution access to every pixel on the 640 by 240 Model 4 display, yet was easily user-installable in only a few minutes.

The TRX-280

The TRX-280 was a proposed motherboard replacement for the TRS‑80 Model 4, described in the December 1990 issue of Computer News 80 and issue 38 of TRSLINK. It was created by Peter Ray of Anitek Software Products in an attempt to design a “next generation” TRS‑80.

The TRX-280 design was based around the Z280, an enhanced Z80 compatible processor created by Zilog.