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The SubLOGIC 50/T80

The SubLOGIC 50/T80 was a high-resolution add-on for the TRS‑80 Model I. It was created by SubLOGIC, a company better known to TRS‑80 users for their T80-FS1 Flight Simulator.

Here is the text of the 1980 product introduction:

The SubLOGIC 50/T80 system is a high performance professional graphics display system designed to be used directly with the TRS‑80.

T80-FS1 Flight Simulator

The T80-FS1 Flight Simulator was a groundbreaking simulation program for the TRS‑80, written by Bruce Artwick and released by SubLOGIC in February 1980. It was based on A2-FS1, the original Apple II version of the Flight Simulator, also written by Bruce Artwick and released a few months earlier. From the introduction to the T80-FS1 user’s manual:

The T80-FS1 is the second version of the FS1 program.