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To Copy or Not To Copy?

Software piracy and copy protection were hotly debated issues during the early years of the TRS‑80 software market. Piracy was blamed (not entirely fairly) for lost sales and the decline of the TRS‑80 games market in 1982. As a result, a good percentage of TRS‑80 games were copy protected.


Like most early microcomputer magazines, 80 Microcomputing published many reader submitted programs. These programs were among the most popular features of the magazine but needed to be typed into a computer before they could be used. Typing in long program listings was time consuming and there was always the real possibility of introducing errors during the typing process.

April New Products

The “New Products” section in the TRS‑80 magazine 80 Microcomputing was a listing of new product releases, described this way:

The New Products section is intended to inform our readers of new products on the market. All information in the section is taken from product releases sent by manufacturers.

But starting in 1982, every April issue included several gag products mixed in with the usual announcements. Here are just a few of those “April Fool’s” new products.

Encyclopedia For The TRS‑80

Back in 1981, the TRS‑80 was the best selling computer and 80 Microcomputing magazine was bursting at the seams. The publisher of 80 Microcomputing, Wayne Green, envisioned a new set of books: the Encyclopedia for the TRS‑80.