The SubLOGIC 50/T80

written by Matthew Reed


SubLOGIC 50/T80 from product introduction

The SubLOGIC 50/T80 was a high-resolution add-on for the TRS‑80 Model I. It was created by SubLOGIC, a company better known to TRS‑80 users for their T80-FS1 Flight Simulator.

Here is the text of the 1980 product introduction:

The SubLOGIC 50/T80 system is a high performance professional graphics display system designed to be used directly with the TRS‑80. It provides the high-resolution graphics capability which the 80 lacks—the kind of graphics needed for scientific, engineering, and educational applications. Dense drawings, graphs, and even alphanumerics can be put on the 50/T80’s 256 by 240 dot screen. The 50/T80 has the support of SubLOGIC’s 2D and 3D graphics packages, which are powerful and easy to use. They operate easily from BASIC as well as assembly language.

The very small picture accompanying the product introduction shows a white box labeled “50/T80 DISPLAY SYSTEM” sitting below a Model I display.

One curious detail in the product introduction is the mention of 50/T80 support in “SubLOGIC’s 2D and 3D graphics packages.” This would seem to refer to a TRS‑80 version of the A2-3D1 Animation Package that SubLOGIC sold for the Apple II.

Since the graphics engine of the Apple II version of Flight Simulator was derived from A2-3D1, I think it is reasonable to assume that the graphics engine of the TRS‑80 Flight Simulator was also derived from a TRS‑80 port of A2-3D1. I wonder if there were plans for a high-resolution 50/T80 version of the TRS‑80 Flight Simulator?

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