The Programmer's Guide To LDOS/TRSDOS Version 6

written by Matthew Reed

Title:The Programmer's Guide To LDOS/TRSDOS Version 6
Author:Roy Soltoff
Publisher:MISOSYS, Inc.
Publication date:1983
The Programmer's Guide To LDOS/TRSDOS Version 6 by Roy Soltoff

The Programmer’s Guide to LDOS/TRSDOS Version 6 is my favorite TRS-80 programming book, and in my opinion, the most useful. The chapters include:

  • an overview of the operating system
  • device input/output, with information about filters and drivers
  • disk drive input/output, with information about writing a disk driver
  • DOS directory structure
  • disk file access and control
  • interfacing with supervisory calls (SVCs), including detailed information about parameters
  • other useful miscellaneous tables and topics

In other words, The Programmer’s Guide provides complete overview of all the information necessary to write a proper Model 4 program.

You can download The Programmer’s Guide at Tim Mann’s Misosys Software and Documents Page in a variety of different formats.

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Roy Strachan says:

I’d have to agree that this was the best TRS-80 programming book ever written. When I first heard of it, it was not yet published, but Mr. Soltoff was kind enough to sell me a publisher’s proof copy. Definitely got me off to a good start programming in assembler for the Model 4. Great memories; I guess my age is showing…