The NADSBox Is Introduced

written by Matthew Reed

It isn’t everyday that a new piece of TRS-80 hardware is introduced. If you have been following the Model 100 mailing list, then you have already read about Ken Pettit’s development of the NADSBox. The NADSBox, which stands for New Age Digital Storage Box, is a memory card interface for the Model 100, Model 102, and Model 200 that supports SD, SDHC, and MMC memory cards.

Now the NADSBox is available for pre-order through Club 100, Rick Hanson’s excellent Model 100 user group and site. The pre-order cost for the NADSBox is $150.00. Shipping worldwide is $10.00. You can buy it along with a TS-DOS ROM for an additional $35.00. The cost will go up to $200.00 on January 1, 2009.

The NADSBox plugs into the Model 100 RS-232 port and emulates a Tandy Portable Disk Drive (TPDD). This means any Model 100 DOS that works with a TPPD, such as TS-DOS or Teeny, will work with the NADSBox. You can transfer files using standard tools just by removing the memory card from the NADSBox and plugging it into any modern computer with a memory card reader.

The NADSBox sounds like a great solution for Model 100 files transfers. There are some other interesting features, such as a command line interface for use with TELCOM. You can find out more by visiting the Club 100 site and reading the NADSBox user’s guide or the news release.

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