Encyclopedia For The TRS-80

written by Matthew Reed

Title:Encyclopedia For The TRS-80
Publisher:Wayne Green, Inc.
Publication date:April 1981 to September 1982

Back in 1981, the TRS-80 was the best selling computer and 80 Microcomputing magazine was bursting at the seams. Wayne Green, the publisher of 80 Microcomputing, envisioned a new set of books: the Encyclopedia for the TRS-80. As the first advertisement for the Encyclopedia stated:

Unlike conventional encyclopedias, the Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 will never become stale or out of date. That’s because the volumes of the Encyclopedia are being issued one-at-a-time, over a period of months. This means that each new volume will reflect the latest developments and discoveries, making this a living encyclopedia for TRS-80 users.

The articles contained in the Encyclopedia were new and had not been previously published in 80 Microcomputing. They covered many topics, including tutorials, software, hardware, and games. In keeping with the “encyclopedia” motif, there were no product reviews or other time-sensitive articles.

The Encyclopedia was available in two editions, with a discount of one volume when buying the complete set:

  • the “deluxe Collector’s Edition” hardcover (with dust jacket) for $19.95 per volume
  • the economical softcover edition for $10.95 per volume

There were ten volumes published of the Encyclopedia. Volume 1 was published in April 1981 and volume 10 was published in September 1982. Volume 10 also contained an extensive index of the other volumes.

For each Enclopedia volume, there was a companion Encyclopedia Loader cassette. Each cassette contained the programs from the volume and cost an additional $14.95.

Advertisement for the Encyclopedia for the TRS-80

A two-page advertisement from August 1981

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Thomas Van Dan Elzen says:

I have two articles in volume 5. It was fun.