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The Network 4

The Network 4 was a classroom networking system sold by Radio Shack that was popular in computer labs in the mid-1980’s. It allowed one computer used by a teacher to be connected to up to 63 student computers. The Network 4 was based around the TRS‑80 Model 4, well after MS-DOS computers became more common. It was probably one of the biggest reasons the TRS‑80 Model 4D remained in the Radio Shack catalog until 1990.

The Network 3 Controller

The Radio Shack Network 3 Controller (catalog number 26-1212) was a networking system designed for use in classrooms. First appearing in the 1983 catalog, the Network 3 Controller cost $599.00. Unlike the earlier Network I and Network 2 Controllers, which worked with more than one type of TRS‑80 computer, the Network 3 Controller only supported the Model III or Model 4 in Model III mode.

The Network I Controller

The Radio Shack Network I Controller (catalog number 26-1210) was an early networking system for the TRS‑80. Introduced on March 1, 1980, the Network I Controller (originally called the TRS‑80 Model I Network I) cost $499.00 and was primarily designed for classroom use.


Arcnet, which stands for Attached Resource Computer NETwork, is a networking standard created by Datapoint Communications in 1976. It provided a way for multiple computers to share printers and files. One of the main advantage of Arcnet at the time was that it was substantially cheaper than its competitors, such as Ethernet.

Radio Shack sold Arcnet cards and hardware for the Model II/12/16/6000 series starting in 1982. Arcnet cards were planned for the Model III and 4 but were never released.