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Cosmic Patrol

Cosmic Patrol was a TRS‑80 game written by Jake Commander, probably better known for his “Commander 80” column in 80 Micro. It was published by Wayne Green’s software company, Instant Software, costing $14.95 for a tape version and $19.95 for a disk version.

Cosmic Patrol appears to have been based on Cosmic Conflict!, a 1978 game written for the Magnavox Odyssey² home video game system. The goal is simple: destroy 15 vessels in the Quelon fleet before running out of E-units.

Time Runner

Time Runner is a TRS‑80 game written by Yves Lempereur, the seventh of nine games that he wrote for the TRS‑80. It was inspired by Amidar, an arcade game created by Konami in 1981.

The Eliminator

The Eliminator, distributed by Adventure International, was an adaptation of the arcade game Defender, released by Williams Electronics in 1980.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon, written by Wayne Westmoreland and Terry Gilman, was one of the most popular games for the TRS‑80. It was released in 1982 by Adventure International, which also sold versions for other computers:

the Apple II version, written by John Anderson, was released in 1982.

the Atari 400/800 version, written by Russ Wetmore (Star Systems Software), was released in 1982.

the TRS‑80 Color Computer version, written by Jim Hurd (Coniah Software), was released in 1983.

Time Bandit

Time Bandit, written by Bill Dunlevy and Harry Lafnear, was a TRS‑80 Model I/III game first released by Computer Shack in 1983.

Rear Guard

The original version of Rear Guard was written by Neil Larimer for the Apple II.


Starfighter, written by Sparky Starks, falls somewhere between an arcade game and a simulation. Far more than a shoot-em-up game, the incredibly detailed scenario in Starfighter lends itself to a game that can be played for hours. Although a unique game, Starfighter has some similarities to Star Raiders, a 1979 game for the Atari 800 that was written by Doug Neubauer. Sparky Starks later wrote a version of Starfighter for the Atari 400/800 using the name Destiny: The Cruiser.

Games by Wayne Westmoreland and Terry Gilman

Wayne Westmoreland and Terry Gilman wrote some excellent games for the TRS‑80 from 1981 to 1983, including Sea Dragon and Armored Patrol. In 1995, Wayne Westmoreland released all of those games into the public domain. You can download the disk of games here: AIGAMES.ZIP

Here is a description, written by Wayne Westmoreland in 1995, for each file on the disk.


Rally was written by J. Weaver Jr. (Factory Programming) and distributed by Soft Sector Marketing. Rally was based on Rally-X, which was released by Namco in 1980.

The goal in Rally is to collect all of the flags in a maze, while avoiding “enemy cars”. Touching an enemy car causes you to lose your life.

Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower was written by John Olsen and released by Fantastic Software in 1982.

The player starts the game on the left, separated from the Attackers by a tall mountain in the center of the screen. The goal is to shoot over the mountain and destroy the Attackers on the other side. To complicate matters, the Attackers shoot back at you, often displaying an uncanny ability to predict where you are moving.