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Microsoft Adventure

Microsoft Adventure, introduced in December 1979, was the first game sold by Microsoft, Inc., which at the time was located in Bellevue, Washington. It was written by Gordon Letwin and was among the first four products sold by Microsoft Consumer Products, a new division created to sell software to consumers. Before that point, Microsoft primarily sold BASIC interpreters (such as TRS‑80 Level II BASIC) directly to manufacturers. Microsoft Adventure cost $29.

Hunt the Wumpus

Hunt the Wumpus, also known as Wumpus 1 or simply Wumpus, was an important early computer game. It was written by Gregory Yob in either 1972 or 1973. Hunt the Wumpus was one of the first games to allow the player to move around a series of interconnected rooms. Although not an adventure game itself, it influenced the text adventure games that followed.


Asylum was the third game in the “Continuum series” of 3-D graphics adventures sold by Med Systems Software. It was preceded by Deathmaze 5000 and Labyrinth and followed by Asylum II. In early 1983, Med Systems Software changed its name to ScreenPlay (which was itself a division of Intelligent Statements, Inc) but continue to sell Asylum.

Med Systems Software sold Asylum for the TRS‑80 in both cassette and disk versions. The cassette version came in both 16K and 32K version.


Labyrinth was the second game in the “Continuum Series,” a set of 3-D adventures sold by Med Systems Software. It was preceded in the series by Deathmaze 5000 and followed by Asylum and Asylum II. Like most of their games, Med Systems also sold tape and disk versions of Labyrinth for the Apple II.

Labyrinth was in many ways a continuation of Deathmaze 5000. Once again, the player is trapped in a gigantic maze which contains numerous dangers.

Deathmaze 5000

Deathmaze 5000 was the first of the “Continuum Series,” a set of 3-D adventures sold by Med Systems Software. The other games in the series were Labyrinth, Asylum, and Asylum II. In addition to the TRS‑80 version of Deathmaze 5000, Med Systems also sold both tape and disk versions for the Apple II.

Deathmaze 5000 has many similarities to Rat’s Revenge, an earlier Med Systems Software game also written by Frank Corr.