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How to transfer files using FastTerm

One of the most common questions I receive is about how to transfer files from a Model 4 to another computer. Here is one of the simplest techniques I have found for a null-modem cable transfer.

You will need to use a null-modem cable to connect your Model 4 to another computer and run a communications program on both computers. Both communications programs need to be capable of performing YMODEM transfers. If your other computer is running Windows, then HyperTerminal (which was bundled with Windows XP and earlier) is a good choice.

In my opinion, the best communications program for the Model 4 was FastTerm, by Mel Patrick. For file transfers, the version that you need is FastTerm II version 4.62. That was the final version and the only one released as a full registered version that supported YMODEM batch transfers.

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